Conor mcgregor vs khabib nurmagomedov ufc

Бой Нурмагомедов vs Сен-Пьер — в разработке на конец года Хабиб не будет драться до конца года? Однако после решения Атлетической комиссии Невады данного поединка мы, судя по всему, в м все же conor mcgregor vs khabib nurmagomedov ufc увидим. Хабиб был отстранен на девять месяцев. Больше того, в октагоне Нурмагомедов не появится раньше ноября. По словам дагестанца, он не будет драться до тех пор, пока не проведут бои его двоюродный брат Абубакар и партнер по команде Зубайра Тухуговза участие в беспорядках в Лас-Вегасе дисквалифицированные на год.

То есть Хабиб в этом году проведет максимум один бой. Макгрегор же отделался шестимесячным отстранением. Официально еще не объявляли, но это уже ясно: ближайшим соперником ирландца будет Дональд Серроне.

Яркий боец, но для Конора — безусловно, противник удобный. Поединок, скорее всего, состоится в конце весны — начале лета. Соответственно второй бой Макгрегора в м может пройти как раз в ноябре-декабре. Что будет с чемпионством Хабиба, если UFC введет временный титул? Но есть довольно веские причины, по которым Хабиб и Конор до года не подерутся. Есть ребята более достойные. Это Тони Фергюсон и Дастин Порье. Ввиду годичного отсутствия Нурмагомедова наверняка будет введен титул временного чемпиона в легкой категории.

Видео боя Хабиб Нурмагомедов — Конор Макгрегор UFC |

Логично, если его разыграют именно Фергюсон с Порье. А победитель их сражения будет биться с Хабибом. Дана Уайт не стал вручать Хабибу пояс сразу после победы над Конором — чтобы избежать беспорядков. При этом в подтрибунных помещениях определенные стычки между кавказскими и ирландскими болельщиками все же были: есть видео, как пьяного ирландца отправляют в глубокий нокаут. Как, кстати, и ирландская. Соответственно, несоизмеримо больше и вероятность фанатских драк.

Это UFC совершенно ни к чему.

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  2. conor will K.O him first round if khabib try to close distance …. khabib will probably kO. by Knee if he close the distance he have a everry fight the same pattern how to close distance … if i notice this as a good Poker Player Conor will notice this 4 shure Ps.: im not a Hyped Conor Fanboy … i will bet Money at this fight … ah somthing else i predicted the Dillashaw vs garbrandt fight 2 times 4 Dillashaw …. shure all can happen in a fight but 8/10 Times conor will winn … if he is not alrdy insane because of the Money he got in the Money fight

  3. Kevin Lee should shut the fuk up and go sell cars or some shit fukn dickhead


  5. By all accounts Conor has been inactive for 2 years so that might work against him.
    Any other fighter would come back with a tune up after a long layoff. So, props to Conor for stepping up against the best lightweight with a title belt.

    1. @Nekia Barfield … Hey, its a title belt. Dont spoil it. 😉

  6. I see khabib taking Conner down in the 1st round ends of Conner khabib wins TKO !

  7. You are teasing me Cono You are not in the level of a lover and your dream match with him Cermic in the first round niga

  8. Dana s idea is to let khabib win and make him and mayweather fight with khabib in the ufc and make another cool billion dollars 💵 #script #moneyteam 😎💵✌🏻

  9. Mystic Mac is still predicting these tings. he said a couple years back that he was expecting Khabib to be cahmpion and for him to take the belt. seeing as how Conor was stripped and Khabib is champ right now. Conor can win and predict the future once again.

  10. Mind you 48% of gsp skill was takedowns i think gsp likes khabib in sense of his fighting style

    1. @Jonnathon Smith he even changed his profile picture to khabib now haha dude got no loyalty

  11. Fucking haters
    Khabib would fuck up each one of you
    You don’t have the mindset like khabib

  12. If i have to bet, it is for Khabib. Undeafeated with great grappling. But Conor is very underated. So i will not surprise if he wins. He schooled Alvarez, i still can not believe it. He beats aldo, toyed Poirier…. so it is 51-49 % basis for me. Hope for a great 4 round fight, and safety of course for these 2 great warriors


  14. Kevin Lee: Khabib has a lot of holes in his game.

    Sure, its just that no one has found them yet.

  15. Bas and GSP has the correct analysis. The point is can connor catch khabib and will he ko him? Thats the question. If not? Khabib smashes him.

    1. lol what makes you think you know better than these pro fighters and coaches?mcgrousey is finished

    2. Well your comment aged well… cause Chael was completely right, Khabib did kick his ass.

  16. chael …because weve seen khabib do it to all those other great guys.. oh, who? 🤣

  17. Striking its definitely Conor but grapling khabib its a close call for this fight. Dont under estimate Conor

    1. Clay Lee clay lee 😂. U must have drinked alot. But that fken irish pussy got fked out forever. That mother fucker gone

  18. what puzzles me is how some still refer to the chad Mendes fight even though 3 years have passed since then. Connors last MMA fight he proceeded to obliterate the champion into oblivion and made it seem easy. Khabibs last fight was a terrible scrap against an unranked guy.

  19. People keep saying chad Mendes put him on his back but when you think about mcgregor v diaz 2, Nate was just completely unable to take conor down in the clinch.

  20. Lol tj thinks khabib is slow fukn dumbo loool I think khabib should take out tj the fukn little roid head fuk

  21. same here Daphane But conor can defeat khabib he is very fast we cannot say any thing both are grate fighter he can change history

  22. Il got with the dude that fought bears in his younger years… bears ffs

    1. bears dont punch you in the face multiple times. Your plan changes every time you come in and are getting tagged in the face.  Conor is to fast he wont even know what happened.

  23. People sound so stupid saying khabib isnt known for finishing fighters, hes gotten plenty of finishes and in his last 4 fights hes been 2 for 2 so its not like hes NOT finishing people and the 2 fighters he didnt finish werent even known for getting finished, Iaquinta certainly not used to getting finished and barbosa has a few old bad losses but not so much of late and mind u the fight against Lee he didnt quit or ref call it, doctor stoppage due to a cut doesnt count as a finish in my book but Im certainly not arguing against the outcome, it was fair and square, anyway to say this about khabib as if it is a stat worth mentioning is dumb, if say hes not finishing enough to bring him up as such, but I dont think he falls short enough to b called out either, even at the least he still finishes more than he doesnt, I think it all just comes to b a thing where theres not much really too bad u can say about khabib so u have to reach pretty far to try and make the build up interesting

    1. Nekia Barfield he finished horcher and Johnson, but then didnt finish barbosa and iaquinta

  24. 1:25 round 1 Conor by KO to khabibs chin while closing distance, he stumbles then is hammer fisted

  25. Conor is steroid guy cus he kos. opponents as like heavyweight does if conor unable to ko khabib or even if conor win by decision but khabib will break the worrior will of steroid boy for rest of his life if fight last more than 1st round.

  26. All the know it alls will have another lame excuse when Conor makes this look easy. Khabib hasnt even fought top tier UFC guys yet lol. Yall about to see wassup!

  27. Khabib the eagle won in such a way that everyone gives him respect after the fight. Even some Irish Connor fans were with him

  28. I am willing to share my secret on just how to win every ufc fight..stuck in a grapple?
    You ready? Here it is..

    Just whip your dick out.
    Your welcome.
    Thanks very much.
    They ask why?
    Say its too hot!

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