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Немного о нынешних соперниках за титул. Хабиб Нурмагомедов не знает горечи поражения в боях по смешанным правилам. В том числе, Хабиб провел 9-ть победных поединков в UFC. В крайней драке, которая состоялась в декабре минувшего года на UFCдагестанец единогласным решением разобрался с 4-м номером рейтинга сильнейших легковесов ЮФС, бразильцем — Эдисоном Барбосой.

За это время провел ть боев, в которых одержал 8-мь побед при двух поражениях. С соперниками уровня Хабиба — Яквинта и близко не встречался. Не выходил в октагон уроженец штата Нью-Йорка против Топовых бойцов дивизиона.

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Вместе с тем, на счету Яквинты 5-ть к ряду беспроигрышных боев. В предыдущей драке, которая состоялась чуть менее года назад, Эл в 1-м же раунде нокаутировал опытного соотечественника — Диего Санчеса. Нурмагомедов универсальный боец. Прежде всего, известен своими тэйкдаунами с последующей блестящей работой в партере. Просто изматывает он соперников, затем завершая начатое приемами, либо же, градом ударов на земле.

Может Хабиб и жестко работать в стойке, что он наглядно продемонстрировал в поединке против Барбосы.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов против Эла Яквинты. Бой за титул чемпиона UFC в легком весе. Полное видео боя. Нет связи. О канале ТВ-программа Настройся на «Матч». Аккредитация СМИ Размещение рекламы Обратная связь Контакты. Каналы Матч. Rate Khabib Iaquinta full fight video. Хабиб Нурмагомедов Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Al Iaquinta main event of UFC Khabib vs Iaquinta — result, free fight video, record. Khabib entered the fight with a record.

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  1. Focus on the man Dustin Poirier! What a wonderfully smooth and fantastic boxing technician, absolutely beautiful.

  2. I also felt like the commentary was a lil bias for a bit but when I rewatched that 3rd round I think they were onto something. Gaethje seemed to have the momentum. Which makes Poirier such a badass for coming back with that sick left counter.

  3. Вот эти люди показывают не то что Хабиб одеяло

  4. I just love these two fighting…Gaethje a bit more…but he had to avoid taking so much of shots for his career to be long…ik all that crap that who needs a long career but needs a big career but i want it to be long and big at the same time please Gaethje🙏🙏

  5. Fuck the 1100 people that disliked this video. Bunch of casual pussies.

  6. Funny how DC mentions in the commentary how you fall in love with throwing hits it’s funny some time later that same mentality caused him the heavy weight tital

  7. Dustin has fast and sharp pinpoint strikes — thisll really test khabibs chin

  8. Where is Khabib vs Connor fight video?
    Hope its not a conspiracy theory that UFC is trying to hide its golden boys humiliating loss??

    1. They just posted mcgregor losing to diaz a few weeks or months ago lol but ive seen this conspiracy theory pop up every few months lol

  9. Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to beat Khabib and then be handed the interim lightweight belt.

    1. Jack Sansbury why were you saving it for a special occasion? Are you only allowed to do 1 thumbs down per year?

    2. I love the El Cucuy jokes but this was wack and I was saving the thumbs down for a special occasion. This is it.

  10. Cormier be like “ damn eye pokes suck” …
    *stabs stipe with nose picker *

  11. when Gaethje went for that flip kick thing and poirier ducked down. If he had dropped to his knees would Gaethje have been dqed for that?

  12. khabib is going to maul this guy
    he has no feet work
    he will go down easy

  13. Dom needs to shut up in the fight-ending sequences. He just doesnt have the real passion for it, its like a robot dog responding to something that the humans find exciting.

  14. Man, wish Rogan wouldve been there to shut these two up. Poirier was always head, by fucking miles.

  15. gaethje has been tanking all those shots the entire fight.. he was counting on his head HP higher than poiriers leg HP

  16. The only way Dustin beats Khabib is by knockout or TKO. Hes going to get mauled if he cant do that.

  17. He beat his ass period 😅😅😂😅😅😅😀😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. gayje is an asshole poking him in the eye on purpose , cocky little bastards.

  19. I was rooting for Gaethje since he didnt do the stupid weight cutting, but those eye pokes man… Im glad he got smashed.

  20. In whole time commentators supported Gaethji ….. untill Dustin placed the perfect LEFT Hand

  21. I think second round to third Dustin cannot survive khabib….he don’t have a successful takedown which really so 90% on khabib…

  22. Justin stubbled before the last round started .kinda looked bad he needs to change his style

  23. For me, the reason why Gaethje lost the fight is because he did not have enough time to recover after the eye poke. At the begining of the round four, we can see him still blinking.

  24. После этого боя,Порье -балабол конченный!!! Шансов против Хабиба 0 в — 0000000000001 степени. А за базар то отвечать надо. Этим и бесят импортные балаболы…..

  25. They were complimenting each other on their eye pokes after the 3rd round 😄

  26. Outsiders perspective here — The announcers are favoring this Gaethje, and hes clearly getting his ass whooped, minis a few leg kicks. Also Anderson Silva was the best leg kicker the UFC has ever seen. Dip shit announcers. Wish they would just mute*

  27. looks like Tony Ferguson with his frickin ELF Cauliflour ears hahahaha

  28. Dustin is a good striker. Cant wait to see him against Khabib, it will be interesting <3

  29. weak opponent..Dustin is NOT a great fighter.. he just fights weak fighters…

    1. McGregor is shit. Dustin isnt. This will be a very tough fight for Khabib.

  30. I scored the first 3 rounds — Poirier, Gaethje, Gaethje and finish? What did you guys have?

  31. at the end of the 3rd round Poirier pokes Gaethje. Justin says, these gloves suck dick. Thats what is it. Did anyone else catch that?

  32. Great striking by Dustin Poirier to overpower a gutsy Justin Gaethje.

  33. Ufc가 양아치 싸움도 아니고 눈찌르면 실격패 시켜야지 이게 뭐냐 지저분하게

  34. 4:01 DC talking about “falling in love with striking” the exact same reason he lost to stipe 🙁

  35. OMG, THIS IS BARBARIC. These guys are DESTROYING each others bodies. This kinda damage doesnt fix itself and leaves permanent disability.

  36. Бля, это так же смешно, как и драка бомжей в парке)

  37. Он Хабибу не соперник, в партере завершится бой

  38. The whole world wants to see Khabib fight Ferguson.. Khabib won’t take that fight.. everyone scared of Ferguson

  39. This dustin guy dont have any stamina what will he do against khabib . Khabib will win forever that man is a monster (Ma Sha Allah) proud of him

  40. Those leg kicks tho I don’t know how Dp was still walking lots of heart to pull out the win Gaethje has his own trademark rocked moment every fight same stiff legged walk every time 😂

  41. Ever since the loss to Conor, Dustin grew a chin.
    A gust o wind could make him do the chicken dance before this.

  42. Gaethje this, Gaethje that….Oh, Gaethje the magnificent. ….Bias ias commentary. ….But Dustin gots those hands ….good work D. As far as ring side, hype machines, did they get an extra $1 every time they said Gaethje????

  43. Justin is Gonna be punch drunk in 2 years if doesnt start defending himself

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