Mcgregor vs khabib free fight

Конор Макгрегор онлайн на Android андройде в хорошем качестве у нас на сайте, поделитесь с друзьями этой страницей. Конор Макгрегор : Возбужденные предстоящим шоу зрители Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата уже готовы встретить своих mcgregor vs khabib free fight. Совсем скоро непревзойденный российский боец Хабиб Нурмагомедов должен начать сражение с отличным ирландским спортсменом Конором Макгрегором.

UFC бой Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs. Конор Макгрегор смотреть онлайн ()

Ведущие шоу напоминают о невероятных достижениях борцов, их профессиональной мощи, а также непревзойденной харизме, что и подтверждают сами соперники, пытаясь для начала сразить друг друга психологически — одним лишь взглядом. Женский бой на разогреве никак не может затмить долгожданную схватку знаменитых Нурмагомедова и Макгрегора.

Тем не менее Мишель Уотерсон и Фелис Херриг показывают интересный поединок, который заканчивается безоговорочной победой первой участницы. Следующими на октагон выходят талантливые бойцы Александр Волков и Mcgregor vs khabib free fight Льюис.

UFC® FIGHT PASS™ -Khabib vs McGregor

Их битва шокирует многих, так как почти в последний момент чернокожий боец обходит соперника. Наконец свершилась мечта фанатов, и в зал вышли Нурмагомедов с Макгрегором. Яростный бой, казалось бы, закончился безоговорочной победой Хабиба..

100 Thoughts to “Mcgregor vs khabib free fight

  1. I mean if you have a massive reach advantage and arent tagging up a midget of an opponent, then you are pathetic. Andrade smashed her ass with huge stature discrepency!

  2. Rose… good god she was lighting her up. No way that happens again.

  3. For a video thats meant to show off Andrades championship moment, it actually makes me think Zhang is going to win. Andrade struggles against technical strikers. Unless she gets the finish early, Zhang could piece her up and pick her apart. I say Weili Zhang by decision.

  4. My baby rose FUCKED HER UP!!
    That slam was a desperate move. You took that win baby in my eyes i hope you get your belt back against her. #teamRose

  5. She wont be champ for long she got picked apart till that lucky slam rematch she gets tagged up

  6. Who would win in a bar fight one of these two or a 6— 190lb—30yr old pretty dam good bar fighter construction worker dude ?

  7. Since when is it legal to spike someone on there head?? So unfortunate for Rose, shes such a beast

  8. 9:30 *Dominick* nope cant lift there *gets slammed on her head unconscious*

  9. Well the best fighter doesnt always win. Rose is a much better fighter.

  10. Damn that sucked. Rose was absolutely taking Andrade apart like a surgeon. I hate it when dumb brute strength beats skill.

  11. Why is all the chat saying Rose outclassed her? Andrade weathered her storm and i t was indeed Andrade out classing Namajunas. Beating the champ is a fantastic showing.

  12. They post this but not their Money Maker and Fan favorite Holloway getting pieced up

  13. Slams like that should not be allowed. It takes less to make a human paralysed for life.

  14. Cant hit on top head,but a full body slam on the head is ok??can someone explain this?

  15. Rose need to learn to be a kick boxer when it comes to striking. It was ridiculous to depend kicks as a much taller fighter. It was supposed to be the other way around.

  16. she cant lift her nope she can not lift…..wait what. she lifted her. he needs to be fired

  17. I feel in the rematch, if there is one, rose will most likely win . Either by knockout or by unanimous decision . She really showed how capable she is of striking and wrestling with opponents. Her technique and precision was flawless

  18. Fuckin another brasilian chick with a clit so roided up it mine as well be a dong

  19. ROSE did very well when she was striking and moving away.  This was much like the strategy that JOANNA beat ANDRADE with in their fight.  ROSE was piecing up ANDRADE up until the 2nd round slam.  The difference between JOANNA and ROSE is that ROSE has won quite a few of her fights with a submission and JJ has won almost entirely with striking.  ROSE was okay with trying an arm submission on ANDRADE and it backfired.  JJ on the other hand fought through ANDRADES takedowns and only focused on getting back to her striking game plan.


  21. Can’t believe she won like that seriously … let’s see what Andrade gonna ends like this Saturday

  22. I was so happy to see that ugly 👽 get dumped on her fuckin head….why do they call her thug is that like when you call a huge guy tiny or something?

  23. That guy and rose should have rematch..rose could win that fight..👊

  24. Them threat of having your neck broken has got to be addressed. Those are not technical moves such as kicks to the groin or kicked to a downed opponent. The fighter has got to be aware of the risk that you place on another persons health by attempting those slams.

  25. I’m not into either of these chicks but that win is bullshit. Can’t stand toe to toe with her so pick her up and slam her head on the mat. Is it legal? Yes. But it’s a chump pussy ass move. Fucking pansy.

  26. realtalk:
    no matter how good and how strong you are inside the octagon..if you get caught by a deadly strike, you lose..just like what happened on silva, and velasquez..

    another realtalk:
    andrade is not a good fighter compared to rose, but she uses that slam right place at right time thas why.

  27. Best female boxing I’ve ever seen in UFC, by Rose. But it’s MMA, slams happen.

  28. Slamming should not be allowed especially head slamming. Theres too many things that go wrong. Rose was beating her to a pulp. If thats the only way to win, then thats not a skilled fighter

  29. What about the commentator who kept on saying, Andrade can not lift her, can not lift her and then, boon, Andrade should have closed his mouth but the guy kept on talking and didnt let the other commentator talk, I didnt understand what both said? the one who was wrong about Andrade should shut up and apologize for his ignorant comments! I hope he wont keep on guessing what every fighter is not capable of doing because this guy was lost.

  30. Cest une pure bouse andrade aucune technique que du stéroïde…aucun rapport avec les vrai guerrières, dans deux ans cest un bonhomme lautre tellement elle bouffe des hormones.

  31. Just saw this fight. She wont keep the belt for long. Hope 🌹 comes back to beat the brakes off her… Again

  32. Thug Rose will definitely win back the title. And Andrade will fade into obscurity.

  33. Most people who actually pay attention knew Rose never stood a chance. Jessica beats her 10 out of 10 times.

  34. Am I the only one who think Rose didnt do much in this fight? Good boxing but with low power and mostly on the defence. People saying it was a lucky throw down, but Jessica was going for that throw down the whole fight. There was no luck, she just executed her plan.

  35. Andrade seemed to have an un-natural advantage, Rose the better fighter by far. Better for the sport too, a beauty to watch in more ways than one.

  36. Andrade used that curiously manly strength to break poor Rose in half. Interesting.

  37. Gonna watch rose get smashed on her head for sure 😂 Thug Rose gets ptsd from a fighter throwing a dolly at a bus that shes on. 😂 she aint thuggin.

  38. That was a lucky break for her. Namajunas is still a better fighter than her but congratulations all the same

  39. The lesser fighter won. Rose was picking her apart. Made her look amateur.

  40. What a joke. It should be a disqualifying move to slam someone on their head. Its cheap and pathetic just like the testosterone jacked WMMA freaks like Androgen and disgusting Nunes. Rose is an actual woman, with the hormonal profile and looks of an actual woman. All of these manly hermaphrodites should be banned from WMMA.

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