Ufc mcgregor vs khabib fight card

He likes to punch on punches. He punches on punches well. And he has a unique, relaxed speed.

UFC Khabib vs McGregor. Sat, Oct 6, Las Vegas. Join Fight Pass. UFC Khabib vs McGregor. View Event Details Hide Event Details. Oct 6, Las Vegas. The biggest fight in MMA history is set for UFC ! Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov meets the former champ Conor McGregor in the main event. *For Residential Use Only*. Show Results. ON OFF. Single Bout Fight Card. WATCH NOW.

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  1. Khabib y Rusia son los campeones. La frustración de un enfermo psiquiátrico que ve de que su oponente tiene valores sólidos y específicamente en lo Marcial, es muchísimo mejor, supera a tal nivel lo que psicologicamente pueda superar que genera estas reacciones típicas del lumpen, de un delincuente que deberia estar con la camisa de contención, porque no le da para más. Mcgregor es el típico disociado que termina siendo un alcohólico y paciente psiquiátrico yankee sin tratamiento siendo disruptivo con la ley, el respeto y el orden. La visión Rusa de Khabib es una visión existencial, un enfrentarse a las cosas del mundo muy distinto. Así se les viene a los Yankees. Ahora a llorar a Mcgregor por Looser

  2. Yo Ali had me dying the whole time; “im gonna kill these guys one hundred percent” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I love khabib and I very happy 😊 khabib hits to Conor I see this not a sports man his a shameful man his a tarrerist because this hits of Islam
    I thook face to Conor dog 🐶

  4. Kutoo ke tareh bukea rah he reiag ke mar ko bardas na he kar peay ..Sala. ..😆😆😆😆✊✊✊👅👅👅👅..khabeb is good cheapn nice baai

  5. McGregor is mad because he wants to kiss Khabib. haha. McGregor loser.

  6. McGregor devia ser expulso do ufc e ser punido perante a lei

  7. ‘Gonna kill this guy’ get off the bus then you big Russian pussy

    1. Are you fucking dumb? What Conor did is a crime. I hope one day this happens to you but the twist is you die in it.

  8. Конор ты баба ты думал пугаешь наши брать

  9. Dana white is a piece of shite for letting him slide for this💯 but paul daley is banned from ufc for life?

  10. *Nick Diaz smokes some weed* : Gets suspended for many years

    *Connor McGregor puts others lives in danger* : A bit of backlash from the community

  11. All the Muslims in the comment section having wet dreams about Khabib

  12. The Irish bitch got his lesson facing Khabib in the ring , at the end mctapout still remains mctapout

  13. I no undestand why u guys talk about when i jump cage but no one talk when he attack bus, i know, i make mistake, im sorry.

    1. Kyle Davis
      Gang thug attacks bus savagely sporting tattoos and brutally injures 5 people

  14. Beep
    I’m ganna fu-beep
    *glass smashes*
    *little leprechaun runs past the bus window*

  15. This shit was staged since first thing he did was grabbing dolly and threw it to the bus.

  16. They can not accept that their chicken was smashed by kahabib..so now they fighting against bus…what a shame conor..your team is pussy…

  17. Yall quit talkin bout fucking Allah an Khabib the fuck is wrong with you unwitted peasants

  18. This bully has shutter the bus glass, arm-body steal his fans phone, punch a older man face, and guess what? Hes still free !

  19. Khabib hits a person on camera, no criminal charges. McGregor hits a bus on camera, criminal charges. But, khabib says hes a gangster.🤔 Sounds more like a team of snitches!🖕

  20. Йесли ани вишлиби дурук дуруга мусурмани далнавидни ани нихараши принили гости зато аллах наказал

  21. Ya Lyublu tebya Xabib tl samly krasivly na svete ya za tebya krassavcik

  22. Conner the pussy attacking buses attacking religions attacking other opponents wifes hes a recist…rude pig what kind of parents raised this pig…..I bet there ashamed of him..


  24. UFC shit conor cocks not poliss not sickurty
    Wat ist UFC DIKTATOR KILER ,,,

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  26. Ему хуй хочеться пососат конору

  27. This atheist conor doesnt deserve to be in sport bissness at all fuck him

  28. mc gregor you have no idea about fighting son of a bitch you can only show off more not you Bastard. Khabib has your ass fucked in the ring.

  29. Idiot person 7arammiya, writing all comments on my you tube — boring 👎🏻

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