William hill conor vs khabib

Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs Конор Макгрегор Полный бой (UFC 229 / 07.10.2018)

But will the Russian have trouble cutting his weight again? Perhaps most tellingly, the fight will take place only two months after it was officially announced.

Unlike previous bouts involving McGregor, there was no world tour and the first promotion was a relatively low key event. William hill conor vs khabib thing that we do know about Khabib that he does struggle to make lbs sometimes.

Бой: Хабиб Нурмагомедов vs. Конор Макгрегор онлайн ()

Conor might be banking on the fact that if he can turn this around quite quickly, he might force Khabib to cut weight quicker and tire quicker in the fight. Ahead of the Conor McGregor vs Khabib weigh-in, Nurmagomedov claimed that he was doing well at lbs — meaning he has to cut 11lbs in order to make the weight class at lbs. The undefeated UFC champion — who has never lost a round in his career — has had a long and turmoulous history with weight cuts, most recently suffering a mishap at UFC earlier this year.

The Dagestan-native was pulled just hours before the bout and rushed to hospital due to complications with his weight-cut. Nurmagomedov had to receive IV drips a method of therapy used for fluid replacement and electortye imbalances. Weighing in at While that might be surprising to casual UFC viewers and any of the millions of McGregor fans across the world, the traders clearly fancy Khabib and his record breaking undefeated streak.

McGregor climbing up from featherweight should not be an issue for the Irishmen with a lighter poundage allowing him to be more nimble, agile and less likely to tire as the rounds progress.

McGregor fancied to end Nurmagomedov’s unbeaten record

Mystic Mac has had conditioning issues of his own, notably during his loss to Nate Diaz when he piled on mass too quickly and crashed in the second round. Fighters that come in heavy tend to favour power and aggression, vying for a early knock-out rather than playing the long game in the Octagan where six rounds can long and william hill conor vs khabib.

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  1. ALHAMDULILLAH Khabib the winner, Khabib is a moral fighter and good fighter. And Irish Kronor is the trash talker moralless chicken.

  2. Who were all those non-Russian people??! I was shocked.. like thats Moscow Russia?!? Yes they looked white euro just like Russians.. but if they were tourists they should either have had English as native language OR how the heck could the interviewer tell them apart from random Russians?!? And anyways how come theres so many international people roaming in Moscow??! Last time I was there like December 2016- all I saw everywhere were Russians- just like the homogeneous country that Russia was supposed to be!!!

  3. I was sure khabib Nurmagomedov were the best.
    Try always to be kind and respected.
    Not a chicken like Mc.

  4. hell win because he got tattoos wtf is wrong with that stupid lady lmfao 😂😂😂

  5. Khabib,
    In good times and bad, I’ll always be by your side…
    From Bangladesh 💜💜

  6. khabib may allah bless u with happiness n lots n lots of victories,may u live long,ameen

  7. Khabib could have blindfolded during the fight and still won against Conor.

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    Respect for Khabib🇷🇺


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  13. Khabib is the best, we are champion khabib..
    My muslim and khabib muslim
    ( Allohuakbar.. Alhamdulillah )

  14. And the answer is Khabib Nurmagomedov ,hit like if you are watching this in 2019 .

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