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Прогноз на бой Хабиб Нурмагомедов (Khabib Nurmagomedov) — Tyron Woodley (Тайрон Вудли)

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104 Thoughts to “Woodley vs khabib

  1. If we have another Conor — Khabib fight the UFC = WWE and I will lose interest. Just another same sex humping and grabbing each other in public show.

  2. Tell Dana to fix espn+ in Canada an maybe Ill consider it. As for now I pay for the fight pass (which I dont use cause its shit.)

  3. 😂😂😂 khabib will destroy him this time. Conor didnt have a chance to Brith

  4. Watch yair Rodriguez comes out with a spinning back kick knockout haha jeremy talking all that shit haha

  5. I think if khabib has an impressive enough performance he deserves another fight with Conor

  6. I dare Dana to have the Khabib fight vs connor in Dubai. Connor will be quiet for sure.

  7. McTapper was a hype job promo champ whos been finished too many times for him to be force fed to the fans as a contender

  8. Just stop for talk a rematch bitch, khabib v tony is hype, lets do it bitch.

  9. BJ Penns career will officially end, where it metaphorically, Abu Dhabi

  10. Like Mctapper would even have a chance its been 2 1 /2 years he will get mauled again I wont buy it Dana White is still sucking Connor behind the scenes wtf he is a has been let him go drink his whiskey he done he looks malnutritioned skinny little fuck now Dana you sucked him dry

  11. Sorry not paying to watch a rematch, when Conor got totally smashed By Khabib !

  12. Would rather see Conor fight everyone else calling him out, not khabib the groundhog

  13. Conor still talked about? Lets recap: He only ever fought 1-2 guys at 155 then hid in a cave for 2 years with the belt, never defended any title. This Hollywood actress should start at the bottom. Fight Hooker, Barboza, Gaethje, Iaquinte, Cerrone — and thats assuming hell win vs Hooker in the first place. This rat has no right to even look up the ladder, those guys at the top earned their spots.

  14. UFC wants Khabib to loose Dustin so they can justify rematch with chicken. Otherwise how can they justify rematch if Khabib beats Dustin and Tony ?

  15. If Dana was smart depending on how the title fight goes. Have khabib fight GSP. Connor fights the winner of Cowboy and Justin. And depending on that connor fights either Khabib or GSP. Talk about $$$

  16. Israel Adesanya will never defeat Jon Jones on the simple basis that Jones doesnt need to cut much and now walks around at a higher more mid weight relative to the heavy weight division. Hell never get passed power and reach. What a lot of guys dont understand is that the shorter and stockier the opponent the more they need to fight like Jones. The taller and longer their opponent, the more they need to fight like DC

  17. Its all about money now. Why would people waste there time and money just to see the same result. If conor hasnt fought since then, it would be over in first round. Exciting for Dana, conor and khabib. , but not for the fans.

  18. If conor gets the rematch then Tony will wait at least a years to fight for the titel. Thats make no sense

  19. No body likes connor even since he lost that fight between khabib lol watch Connor make a change like anyways hes know for it

  20. McGrgor needs to fight masdival first that chicken shitt got soft after making all that money he’s scared of masdival giving him a 3 piece n a sodas on the side especially all that shitt he be talking he scared 😱 now huh!!!!he only 5”11

  21. Its a young mans game but DC is humbling pretty much anyone, and at heavyweight….

  22. As a place holder that was just submitted gets a title shot again? No tune up fight or a top five? Connor is just gonna get paid and disappear to twitter again. I give connor his credit hes a beast and smart af. But its boring now and he doesnt deserve it at this point.

  23. Only thing I can think of w/ B.J Penn is that hes got some dirt on Dana . Nobody else can bully or bother Dana into a fight he doesnt want to make . JS

  24. If Bobby beats Israel Adesanya, (Which he will),do we then see Whittaker Vs. Jon Jones?

  25. Fuck rematch. we want Khabib vs Tony. Let Conor earn and deserve a match with khabib or tony.

  26. Dana doesn’t want to see PJ Penn fight again, but he doesn’t want to see the old man to fight in a different organization either.

  27. McGregor khabib would be stealing peoples money because we know the outcome and we know that McGregor is not even a challenge for khabib and his biggest weakness is tapping out so all you got to do is take him to the ground put the pressure on them tap and mount fight over its a waste of money now Id rather see McGregor vs Mastival thats an interesting mystery.

  28. can we please get the ads more often? the first 30 seconds of the video seem a little short


  30. So Conor gets the winner of khabib porier despite coming off a loss. Thats the amount of power that man has, like it or not. Rightly or wrongly.

  31. As an Irishman its getting harder and harder to support Conor he needs to shut and fight

  32. Everytime stephens trash talking begins
    A little voice appears in my brain


  33. McNuggets should fight, either
    — The loser of Khabib-Poirier, OR
    — The winner of Cowboy-Gaethje

    Tony is next in line for Winner of Khabib-Poirier. WTF are u thinking Dana?

  34. Dana White: mcgregor vs khabib 2 is totally possible after the porrier fight.

    Tony Ferguson: Am I a joke to you?

  35. Connor does not deserve a fight..Tony has to be next..Connor is done and would only get mauled even worse

  36. UFC 962 Conor vs Khabib #27 ….D. White,People really want to see this and I need the money$

  37. Wtf is that?
    If conor would get the rematch , he would have had 3 fights in the lightweight divison all for the title and is probably the most inactive fighter in the top 10# list

  38. Honestly how STUPID are the ufc matchmakers and Dana white?? There’s no question of what happens after September…who ever wins on September is GOING to fight TONY…that’s it no question no debate TONY FERGUSON is NEXT in LINE….HAS been next in line forever….NO ONE cares about MCfaggot getting man handled again we want a REAL FIGHT

  39. If Dustin wins, then DUSTIN vs TONY; KHABIB vs McGREGOR!

    If Khabib wins, then KHABIB vs TONY; McGREGOR drinks PROPER TWELVE & waits patiently for the next big fight!

  40. No it would be a boring fight
    Khabib Vs Tony would be interesting fight.

  41. *The blueprint on Conor is out there and he can’t match up with Khabib.* *It would end the same way — a totally one sided affair.*

  42. there is no Khabib Conor 2! Stop it DW…this guy needs to fight more and win to be relevant.Conor last win is Nov 12, 2016

  43. What does tony need to do to get a shot I feel bad for the guy he deserves this more than anyone

  44. This pathetic disgusting drunk Irish scumbag rats is a totaly an Irish big cowards rats cheating and begging now talking about a rematch ufc should ban conor becouse he got expose as a fake champ that disgrace to the sport daddy dana should strip his belt and ask him go back to Dublin where he belong as a pathetic drug addicted an alcoholic scumbags rats.

  45. Conor and tony should fight for 1# contender and the winner should fight khabib for the title

  46. God I want Jon Jones smacked up by Israel so bad. I hate how fake he is lol

  47. No one but the fanatical ConorNowKhabib casuals want to see either conor or Khabib fight.

    Tony is the real champ and the real draw. Wake up casuals. Wake up.

  48. The only way I would like to see the rematch is on the streets when Mc Tapper dares to Send his location to Khabib !! but, not in Octagon.

  49. bruh noone wants conor vs khabib , tony vs khabib is where its at dana you blind mong

  50. I’m not a huge Conor fan but to me the conor that fought at ufc 205 is the best lightweight in the world & can best any 155lber imo people hate conor so much they don’t ever bring up the fact he’s been out of the octagon for 2 years & never even talked about ring rust but when jones stepped away for a year when he fought osp his shit preformance was justified with him being out for 2 years , plus Conor had a broken foot imagine fighting after 2 years being out & against a active undefeated champion in khabib come on give conor a break a little .

  51. We should not give any spot light to corny mcnugget and let him live with this loss forever


  53. Tyron is a disgrace to the sport. Just another thoughtless victim dumbass

  54. Ol blue lips got beat like a red headed stepchild. The only reason for a rematch is to pad Dana’s pockets. Khabib vs Tony is the fight to make and everyone knows it.

  55. Conor McGregor could fight Justin, Cowboy, the winner between Diaz vs Pettis, Dustin (if he loses to Khabib) BUT he’s too big of a draw… 😂

  56. *The blueprint on Conor is out there and he can’t match up with Khabib.* *It would end the same way — a totally one sided affair.*

  57. If mcgregor gets Khabib 2 before Tony gets his shot I’m going to boycott Dana

  58. *The blueprint on Conor is out there and he can’t match up with Khabib.* *It would end the same way — a totally one sided affair.*

  59. Gaethje VS Cerrone September 15th.
    Brian Ortega VS Zabit October 12th
    Weidman VS Reyes October 19th
    McGregor VS Masvidal December 31st
    If Connor wins this fight and Khabib wins against Dustin, then the UFC are going to make Khabibs rematch Connor. This fight will most likely take place in NY.

  60. If this fight ever happens again Khabib will make Conor his and his wifes GIMP for life.

  61. Michael I know you got a fucked up.eye, but Adasanya is WAY smaller than Jon Jones. Adasanya is NOT a big 185er

  62. Order UFC 240 PPV and Get 12 months of ESPN+ subscription for just $20 thats $1.6/month

    Your final Predictions for the Main and Co-main Event?
    Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar
    Cris Cyborg vs Felicia Spencer

    1. Not sure if I even am a Connor fan anymore, He kinda turned the sport a bit shitty with his bull.. was funny at the start but its a bit cringy now… Put up or shut up.

  63. How tf is that possible UFC is fuckin joke. This just shows how small and shitty company UFC truly is. But i get it money talks its all just abut marketing. Anyway…That irish rat has been out for ages beefin wit buses and fans, lil proud midget wit that shitty score of 21 wins and 4 loses. He came from a long break and immediately fought for that belt, and in that fight he didnt showed absolutely nothin except how weak he truly is, mentaly and physically. Fuck Alvarez fight and all em past fights wit Holloway, Dustin and etc they were all young even Conor himself but lets say that was his time he had luck big luck especially in that fight wit Aldo. And Mendes fight was big problem for him but hes a lucky irishman as i said. Throw him now in cage again wit any one of em, hell get his ass whooped smoothly. Of course UFC knows that thats why they aimin on a rematch again, and only rematch or maybe to give him old Cerrone (easy fight) smfh. But fuck all that, biggest problem and wierdest thing is why he never fought Tony!? They (UFC) never even tryed to make that fight. ill tell u why, coz they know what wud happen in it. Tony will change his face and life forever. He wont need that money he made in that Floyd fight anymore, it wudnt help him anyway. But fuck all that once again, i just wanna know why Tony didnt earned title shot yet wit 13 WINS streak lmfao. Dana u fat bald twat!! At least let him earn his check that he deserved and give him that easy money fight wit ur staged double champ. #FuckDana#FuckMcfaggot#FuckUFC#TonyPeoplesChamp

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